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In the Legendary region of Nemea, our family first started cultivating vineyards in 1876. Nemea’s unique soil and climatic conditions, combined with our growing knowledge and experience in viticulture, formed the basis upon which our family business has developed ever since. Investing in the excellent quality and hygiene of our products as well as in the complete satisfaction of the people who will try (taste) them.

Leon Fine foods Product series

The Vineyards

Our organic vineyards are located in the area of ​​Nemea and Ancient Nemea scattered in various sub-regions such as Xerokampos, Poria, Volimos, Valtetsi, Provesita where the altitude is generally about 300 meters above sea level. Our vine cultivation was always done in consideration of the excellent quality of the grapes we will collect, which is why the yield per hectare in kilograms is kept at low levels.
The harvest takes place around the last ten days of August, always depending on the weather conditions and after allowing the grapes to mature to their best age. Grapes are collected in baskets, transported and hanged the same day on wires tied on a wooden structure, known in Greece as “Ischiada”( shade)

Golden Black Product Series

This is the highest quality of black currant in the market today. Organically cultivated, small controlled production from privately owned vineyards in Nemea, and shade-dried, with a traditional method. The selected grapes take their time to dry by the warm air currents of the environment, avoiding the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Awarded 3 times at the Great Taste Awards and many more to date, the organic shade-dried Corinthian Raisins by Golden Black definitely stands out. Their wonderful sweet-tangy flavor, their full and elastic “body” and blue-black color, but also the fact that they retain the nutrients of fresh grapes to a greater extent than raisins that have been dried in the sun, make them unique.

Our Region


A popular destination in the Peloponnese with significant archaeological and oenological interest, Nemea, is surrounded by fertile plains that have been nurturing its habitats for many centuries.
Here, the largest concentrated vineyard in Greece is found, producing famous wines distributed throughout the world, especially Nemea’s local and precious variety, Agiorgitiko. The archaeological site of Nemea is as impressive, as it hosted the “Nemea” (Nemean games) since 573 BC and every two years alternated with the games of Olympia, Delphi and Isthmia.
Since 1996, the New Nemean Games have been revived 2,300 years later and are held every four years, gathering the interest of worldwide athletes and spectators.
According to Greek mythology, the first labor of the hero Hercules, took place here. This labor was were he defeated the lion of Nemea, who spread terror to the inhabitants of the wider area.



In the Recipes section we will try at regular intervals to give you ideas and suggestions on how to use our tasty raisins for all the meals of the day as well as suggestions for quick snacks and energy bars for those for whom sport is an integral part of their life. Enjoy.